There are many FUN and AMAZING free and low cost apps to help learn English.  Here are a few. Find the apps on Apple Apps Store.  $=Paid App (Click on Icons for link to app stores. Any available on Google Play will be noted and linked.)  

Apps for Learning English
Alphabet Phonics: One of the many free apps to teach children the Alphabet. (Google Play)

First Words: Preschool or Beginner First English words matching game.

Rhyming Bee: Beginner app to learn phonics. Basic levels free.  

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Word Bingo: Play Bingo with words. K-3rd. Don’t miss the “Fling It” Game! ($)

PopWords: Find words to build vocabulary. Practice without time limit or challenge yourself against the clock.

Joy Doodle: Movie Color & Draw: Doodling app.  Fun way for kids to practice writing letters. Play your own word games like hangman. Also fun way for children to practice for spelling tests.
(Google Play)

Beginners crossword puzzles with pictures as clues. Basic levels free.

Brain Pop. Kids, beginner and intermediate learners. Watch cartoons and learn. Free basic access. (Google Play)
BrainPOP Jr. also available. (Google Play)

Merriam-Webster Dictionary:  Excellent free dictionary for intermediate to advanced learners.   This dictionary makes you write the word in English and then try to understand the definition in English.  If you don’t understand the definition then use the popular Google Translate app.

Famous Mad Libs.  Learn basic grammar terms and make funny stories.  First book free.

Boggle with Friends: Super app to play Boggle with friends all over the world. Great for intermediate to advanced learners, kids and adults.  Join the fun! (Google Play)

Sentence Builder: Learn how to form correct sentences. Two versions are available.  Fun for kids and adult learners. ($)

Preposition Builder: Learn how prepositions are used in American English. kids and adults($)

Story Builder: For teachers and parents to use with students. Record stories from cartoon pictures and listen to the story.  Build speaking skills. ($)

English Tenses: Learn Grammar Tenses with short lessons and then do the exercises. ($)

Grammar Express: Another Intermediate to Advanced grammar tests. Make sure to click the book icon at the bottom of the page to see lesson.

Advanced Listening Apps.
TED: Ideas Worth Sharing:  Listen to interesting short talks on many topics.  (Google Play)  (TED Website) (TED Education Website)

PLEASE NOTE: I am not affiliated or a paid representative of any product that appears on my website. These are all simply products that I endorse because I have found them to be excellent teaching and learning tools for English language learners.