How Can I Donate?

There are several ways to donate to The Brothers Project. All donations are tax deductible and will be processed through Yad Yehuda, a 5013c Tax Exempt non-profit organization.  Yad Yehuda will provide a receipt for every donation. Donations may be made via credit card, debit card, PayPal or check.

Donation Suggestions:

A monthly recurring donation to help fund Jeff’s monthly salary or a one time annual donation. The Yad Yehuda donation page will let you choose to make a one time donation or to donate a fixed amount every month.  If you choose to donate automatically every month, you will receive a notification and email from Yad Yehuda after each payment.  Each payment will be a charitable tax deductible donation.  PLEASE NOTE: The automatic payments may be stopped at any time via an email or phone call to Yad Yehuda or via email to The Brothers Project. In addition, all of the contacts for Yad Yehuda may be found on the Yad Yehuda website.

There is an email contact form to ask questions to the administrator of The Brothers Project (Seth Riebman) on the secure Brothers Project Donation page on the Yad Yehuda website. When you click on the CLICK HERE TO DONATE button at the bottom of this page, it links you to the secure Yad Yehuda Brothers Project Donation page and there is an email form at the bottom of that page.

To be taken to the secure Yad Yehuda Brothers Project Donation page, please press the “Click Here to Donate” at the bottom of this page. When you arrive at the secure Yad Yehuda Brothers Project Donation Page, scroll down to the red “Donate” button and follow the instructions. Furthermore, by clicking the red DONATE button on the Yad Yehuda website, you are not making any donation yet, it just takes you to the beginning of the secure Yad Yehuda donation process.

Donation by Check via Mail: You may also choose a one time annual donation via check.  You may send a check made out to Yad Yehuda of Great Washington. Please write “​JR – Brothers Project Fund” in the MEMO FIELD on the check.You may also enclose a note specifying that the donation is for The Brothers Project. If you include your email address on the note with the check, you will also receive an email receipt for your tax records. The check should be mailed to:

Yad Yehuda of Greater Washington
812 Hyde Court
Silver Spring, MD 20902

If you decide to donate, Thank you! PLEASE ALSO SEND AN EMAIL TO that says “I made a donation” and provide your street address. YOU DO NOT NEED TO WRITE THE DOLLAR VALUE OF YOUR DONATION IN THIS EMAIL. Your email and street address will be used to keep you updated on Jeff’s progress a few times during the year. Your mailing address and email will be kept confidential.

PLEASE NOTE: Yad Yehuda processes all digital donations using PayPal.  If you already have a PayPal account, the Donation page will ask you to sign in using your PayPal password.  If you do not have a PayPal account, you may enter your credit card information and then you will create a password to link to your email account and the website will generate a PayPal account for you.  This account will be used to process your monthly or one time donation. This process is very easy and secure. There are no additional fees when your credit card or debit card is processed through PayPal for this charitable donation.

If you have any questions about The Brothers Project or any concerns about processing your donation please contact Seth Riebman in the information request section at the bottom of the Yad Yehuda Brothers Project webpage. You may reach this page by clicking below. Thank you very much.


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