ESOL Websites

Here are many FUN and AMAZING free and low cost websites to help learn English.  Here are a few to get you started. Click on the picture or the name of the website and start learning!

Free website with education games for K – 5.  Spelling, English Bingo, Math, and lots of fun activities.

Free (and subscription) site for young learners.  ABCs, vowel sounds, easy books to read.

An excellent early learning website for ages 2 – 7. Great for parents to use to work with their children.
The site has a monthly cost with one month free to try out the site.
Lessons in reading, math, science, art, colors & music.

Spelling City
Great site for kids to practice their spelling words. Type in spelling words (add more with red +More Words button and then study with free games and then take the test. The computer voice will read words and read the example sentence. It is now a subscription service based site.

Learn this list of the most common 1,000 words. This is a list of words by Dr. Edward Fry and the list is called “Fry Sight Words”. These words are the most common words in readings in 3rd-9th grade. Website has free downloads of word lists, flashcards, games and exercises. Words are in groups of 100.  LEARN ALL 10 GROUPS!
Free website with fun activities for Intermediate to Advanced Learners. Grammar, Vocabulary, crossword puzzles, RSS feed for listening.
Free web site with explanations of ALL English Tenses on home page and other important grammar topics.  Good explanations and exercises.
Free website with fun quizzes for many subjects in grammar and reading. Intermediate to advanced students.

A Guide to Learning English
Free website for learning English Grammar and Vocabulary.  This is an AMAZING WEBSITE for  elementary school  through adult learners.  Detailed explanations of grammar tenses and great exercises to practice! On home page click “Grammar” and then click on “Grammar Notes” for explanations or go right to “Grammar Quizzes” and begin to practice!

Free website for discussions with intermediate to advanced students. For use with two students students or teacher and student. Pick a topic questions will appear for two students.

Learn the 50 States of the USA on this challenging but fun website.  Click on United States on the menu and then following the prompts to find each state until you learn them all.  Speak only in English while learning and it is a conversation lesson.  Amazing way to learn US states, capitals and world geography.

Story Starter

Write your own post card or short story. For 2nd Grade – Adult learners.

Watch videos about a variety of interesting short talks. Focused on education.

Ted Talks
Listen to interesting short talks on many topics. Focused on making you think.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not affiliated or a paid representative of any product that appears on my website. These are all sites I simply products that I endorse because I have found them to be excellent teaching and learning tools for English language learners.