ESOL Games

There are many FUN and CHALLENGING Board Games that make learning English enjoyable. Here are a few. (The pictures of the games are linked to Amazon.  You may also be able to find these games at Target, Walmart, etc.)

Hedbanz is an entertaining conversation game to play with children and adult learners. Put a card in your headband  and ask questions in English to guess “What Am I”

Original Boggle board game. Shake up the cubes and find words.  For two or more players.

Trivia Game for grades 1 – 6. For two or more players.  Spin and see what question you need to answer to be SMART!

Tell Tale Card Game.  A super way to help beginning learners gain self-confidence in speaking skills.  Ages 4 until adults can play and have fun. Everyone takes 10 or more cards and then you begin to make a funny story by looking at the picture on the cards and telling a story.  Each person takes a turn. Use your imagination and have fun!  

Banagrams!  A fun word game that is great for any ages.  The letters can be used to teach beginners the alphabet and individual words.  Elementary school – adult learners can play the actual game, making word puzzles and learning spelling and vocabulary along the way.

guesswhoThe original and famous Guess Who? game!  This is a fabulous game to introduce conversation to beginning learners.  There are many versions of the game.  The original is great.  The rule is to have students answer and ask questions ONLY IN FULL SENTENCES!

Slapzi is a great game to learn new vocabulary words! Everyone loves this game. Choose photographs of animals, food and other stuff and match it to the clue cards to win.  Super game for all English learners, especially ages 4 – 12.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not affiliated or a paid representative of any product that appears on my website. These are all simply products that I endorse because I have found them to be excellent teaching and learning tools for English language learners.