TOEFL/SAT Preparation

I can help you study and pass the TOEFL exam! Just buy The Official TOEFL Study Guide. The test checks the four basic skills:  Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. 

I have helped many students to pass this test. We will read each chapter together to make sure you understand the skill being tested. We will also do all of the exercises together. Our lessons together will go over more than just English, but also strategies for success in each section of the test. 

Finally, the CD that comes with the guide has 3 practice tests. You take the practice test at home by yourself. Then we go over which sections were giving you trouble and we review these sections again so that you feel confident before taking the real test.

Test Dates can be found by clicking here.

I can also help you study for the SAT! The best way to help you study for this test is to first buy The Official SAT Study Guide for the most recent year. The students who speak English as a Second Language who studied with me for the SAT scored well and went on to study at university!

My strategy to help you study for the SAT has TWO PARTS. FIRST, we will read each chapter covering the English sections in the study guide (Reading, Writing and Language) In these chapters there are test strategies and practice exercises that we will do together.  There are also longer exercises for homework that we will go over during the following lessons. We will also review the English for the Math sections and you will take at least one full practice test.

The SECOND PART of the strategy for doing well on the SAT is to take a review course. I recommend the  Montgomery College SAT Test Preparation class. This class is offered approximately 5 weeks before the SAT test date. The class if for three consecutive weekends (Saturday and Sunday for four hours each day) and provides a GREAT ADDED BOOST to your knowledge and confidence for succeeding on the SAT.

SAT test dates can be found by clicking here.